This platform is an easy to use module that allows Client Access to MFO’s Panel Data and Client Surveys.

The platform allows Client Access to subscribed data and digital reports at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming email requests.

In addition to providing clients with the ability to 'self service', the portal will allow clients to surf the data as they wish.

Your 24/7 connection to your people.

MFO respondent APP

The MFO Insights App allows users to share their thoughts and opinions
on the products and services they use every day.


Users respond to polls and surveys sharing their point-of-views and thoughts on everything from social issues to brands to entertainment and much more.

Feedback is automatically uploaded to the platform and is available to companies and organizations who would like to know and understand their customers.


Respondents take part in surveys and earn redeemable points.


Market Facts & Opinions seek to be the foremost Caribbean company engaged in identifying and finding solutions for business strategy issues. We are the “voice of the consumer”, providing direction for our clients. We are the “thought” leaders in our sphere of business and we serve our clients well by understanding and anticipating the changes that confront them.

The MFO Insights App is the first and only in the market to help you thoroughly understand Trinidad and Tobago and deliver ahead of customer expectations.

Request Surveys

Subscribers can request surveys or a single question. Ask your customer about anything!

Detailed Insights

Build greater brand loyalty by proactively gaining insight into on your customers’ experiences and acting on their feedback.

Export Data

Have the option to gain full access to your company’s raw data.

Browse Categories

Browse data and gain insights in relation to customer habits, practices, product usage, perception, awareness and much more areas.

Access Database

Subscribe to MFO’s panel data on aspects such as consumer behavior, perception towards products, services, institutions, social issues etc.

Graphs and Charts

The app offers real-time research and flexibility with 24/7 access to data and charts. Subscribers can create custom online reports that automatically update each time data is recorded - all from within the platform which can be downloaded for future use.

Pricing Plans

Quarterly PLAN
  • Access to Panel Data for the subscribed quarter
  • Access to comparative reports
  • Downloadable online reports and charts
  • Data processing

Yearly PLAN
  • Access to Panel Data for the subscribed year
  • Access to comparative reports
  • Downloadable online reports and charts
  • Data processing


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Market Facts & Opinions (2000) Limited since 1985, has assisted decision-makers to identify and solve strategic business issues in marketing management.

We do this by creating and maintaining the integral linkages between our clients and their customers. We serve well by understanding and anticipating the changes that confront both.

We gain insights through innovative thinking, wealth of experience and a comprehensive database. We work to provide our clients with actionable recommendations.

At MFO (Market Facts & Opinions), we provide local and regional market insight. This is done through the collection, analysis and interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data. We provide research for a range of private and public sector clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Satisfaction
  • Product Usage
  • Customer Habits & Attitudes
  • Pricing Research
  • Perception and Awareness
  • Market and Opportunity Assessment
  • Public Opinion Polls

For more details on our services visit us via our website at or find us on Facebook – Market Facts & Opinions.

The MFO Insights client platform gives you 24-7 access to our panel data and also personalized data. Respondents take part in surveys sharing their thoughts and opinion on various topics and issues.

Get up to date notifications when new data is added and insight on consumer behaviours and patterns.

Customizable charts and reports at your fingertips!

MFO Insights app is owned by Market Facts & Opinions (2000) Ltd., the leading market research company in the Caribbean that provides a fresh perspective on the issues and trends of today.

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